Spring Cleaning /14

The warmer weather is looking to be not too far away for us here in New Zealand, so that’s why I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do a brief Spring clean before it’s too late! From giving away clothes that I may have spent a little too much on at the time of purchase then hardly ever wearing… to bringing back a few items that were hidden away at the back of my draws, this year’s clean was well-worth it!!

Here’s a look at my own Spring/Summer ’14 essentials: 






What’s specifically on my garment rack?

2X Grunge-like Tank Tops

1X Black Shoe-String Singlet

1X Denim Mini Dress

1X Aztec Midi Dress

1X White Singlet Dress

1X Navy T-Shirt Dress

2X Cropped T-Shirts

2X Boyfriend Tees

3X Cropped Long Sleeves

2X Shirts (1 Denim, 1 Polyester)

2X Denim Jackets

1 Long Navy Coat

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